Meet VBreathe

The World’s most intelligent air purifier combining advanced engineering and our own pioneered VActive Gel technology.

VBreathe presents the world’s most technologically advanced portable air purifier ever

The world’s
most intelligent air

VBreathe Tasman senses the air in your indoor environment to measure carbon monoxide, dangerous pollutant particles and mold-growing conditions

It knows when mould will grow, when toxins are manifesting in the air and when to turn on to stop them

Breathe Easy with

Capture up to 99% of fine particles up to 1.0 micron, including harmful PM2.5 particles with VBreathe Tasman

Because mould, mustiness and sick-building microbes are not an option in your home, we made sure our HEPA filters are Medical Grade quality. Our filters have a special anti-microbial coating for your added protection

Protect the ones
you love

HEPA filtration alone isn’t enough. That’s why we’ve poineered our own special VActive Gel to capture harmful indoor microbes that HEPA filtration can’t eliminate

Our own pioneered VActive Gel captures and reduces harmful indoor microbes that HEPA filtration can’t capture by up to 95%

Fight the invisible

Capture 88% of harmful mould and particles in 24 hours and 95% in 72 hours with VBreathe Tasman Remove mold, mosquitoes and 98% of airborne microbes from your indoor environment

All-natural &
certified food safe

Our VActive Gel is 100% natural, and certified food safe

Our VActive Gel is 100% natural, and certified food safe The special blend of all-natural ingredients and Australian Essential Oils spreads through the air to suffocate harmful particles & mould

Take Tasman where
you need it

Take Tasman where you need it with 10 hours of battery life, lasting you all day from home to the office and back

Premium Filtration

The best and only air purifier in the market that combines Hepa Filtration and Organic Vactive Gel technology to give you total protection from harmful microbes up to 0.1 micron. Particle sensors in Tasman will monitor and tell you about the air quality around you

Eliminate Harmful Particles

HEPA filtration filters up to 1 micron of harmful particles. Our filters are coated with a special organic microbial coating that increases its life by 25-50%

Organic + food safe

VActive Gel is 100% organic and food safe. Its spreads in the air to suffocate and kill harmful particles. Organic essential oil vapors circulate throughout the entire room getting into all the nook And crannies where unseen mold spores hide and flourish


Battery lasts up to 10 hours on moderate fan speed. Take Tasman with you where you need it. Recharge in 4-6 hours

Control from

Tasman connects with you via bluetooth or WiFi. Control your devices from wherever you are

One year free refills

One year free refills. VActive Gel cartridges will last for about 3-4 months + filters will last for about 3-9 months on moderate use. You’ll get 3 VActive Gel cartridges and 2 filters.